The Man

Pastor Walter Hallam has been actively serving the Lord since his youth. He knew at an early age that God had called him to preach. Still, he ministered as layman in his local church until 1985. God then placed in his heart to move with his wife, Cindy and children to Texas City, Texas and begin a church.

Pastor Hallam, a powerful and dynamic speaker, ministers the good news of the Gospel with authority. He operates effectively in the gifts of the Spirit through the gifts of healing, faith, miracles, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophecy. Having a strong apostolic anointing, Pastor Hallam is often referred to as a pastor to pastors.

The Ministry

Abundant Life has become one of the fastest growing churches on the Texas Gulf Coast with over 3,000 members. Here are a few of the ministries of Abundant Life Christian Center:

Abundant Life Evangelistic Media Ministry (ALEMM) – Using 21st century technology to reach our neighbors and the globe, this media ministry reaches far and wide to share the gospel. A radio and television are in the process of development so that reach of ALEMM can continue to expand.
Abundant Life Ministries of National Destiny (ALMOND) – This is a Ministerial Fellowship Organization & Missions Department of Abundant Life Christian Center. It allows ministries to come under the covering of Pastors Walter and Cindy Hallam’s teaching and preaching so they can build strong, faith-filled relationships and further their individual calls and anointings.
Abundant Life School of Ministry (ALSOM) – The Bible says in 2 Timothy to be a person who learns the Word of God. In this Bible School, students learn how to prepare for all God has prepared for them. Graduates have launched ministries on 6 of 7 continents!
The Spirit of a builder (Ezra 1:5) rests upon Pastor Walter Hallam. From the church’s very inception, Abundant Life Christian has been reaching neighborhoods and nations with the uncompromised words of life. Churches have been built all around the world that bring the message of truth and hope to people.

Abundant Life Christian Center is known for its hospitality, ministry of helps, and its spirit of excellence. No matter where people visit from, the response is the same. They enjoy their time at “the place of love and healing.”

The Mission

The House of God

Abundant Life Christian Center has been in a perpetual state of building and remodeling to accommodate a continually growing congregation. The powerful anointing present at Abundant Life Christian Center has drawn men and women from all across Galveston County, Houston, and the Texas upper Gulf Coast, creating a large and dynamic body of believers. Never before has Galveston County seen such a revival and growth in a single New Testament church. The move of God at Abundant Life Christian Center is in part due to the pastor’s desire to minister to the entire region, crossing all social and economic barriers in order to proclaim the gospel.

Pastors Walter and Cindy Hallam and the Abundant Life family’s love for all people, regardless of ethnic background, is evidenced by the fact that the congregation is made up of a greatly diverse group of people representing every part of society. In addition to the warm welcome offered to all new-comers, the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit draws many from afar. Hundreds of healing miracles have been experienced as a result of men, women and children being touched by God while in services at Abundant Life. Over the years, thousands of souls have been saved during the services at Abundant Life Christian Center.

Equally powerful is the evidence of God’s provision for financial increase. The families of Abundant Life Christian Center have experienced phenomenal growth of personal and business income as they have given to build the House of God. Abundant Life Christian Center has become synonymous with the place where “Miracles Happen!”